What Foods Are not Good to Eat While Breastfeed

Pregnancy pre-natal vitamins are essential to the health and development of any baby growing inside the womb and they are essential for pregnant women because their bodies are going through changes actually every day throughout their pregnancies.

Why Take An Everyday Prenatal Vitamin?

What Foods Are not Good to Eat While Breastfeed

A pregnant woman’s diet in this day and age is more than typically lacking in the minerals and vitamins that are vital for both mom and child however thanks to pre-natal vitamins she can get the vitamins that she needs in one simple to take vitamin. Most prenatal vitamins include important minerals and vitamins like A, D, E and Folic Acid which is essential for an infants brain and spine development while in utero.

Among the very best things that any woman who wishes to get pregnant can do for her child is begin taking Best Postnatal Vitamins for Breastfeeding before conception so she can begin building her body early and be prepared to bring a baby to complete term. Beginning prenatal vitamins before getting pregnant also assists to minimize early morning illness signs also too.

The Number Of Vitamins Can A Pregnant Woman Take?

One prenatal vitamin each day has all of the needed minerals and vitamins that a pregnant woman’s body needs and contributing to that prenatal by taking an extra multivitamin might cause vitamin excess.

A woman needs to continue to take a day-to-day prenatal vitamin after her baby is born so she can renew the minerals and vitamins her body lost after delivering plus continuing an everyday prenatal program is also essential form women who have the desire to breastfeed their infants.

The Very Best Foods To Consume Throughout Pregnancy

Taking an everyday prenatal vitamin a pregnant woman ought to also be consuming foods in her diet that can provide her body with the vitamins and minerals that she will require throughout her pregnancy.

What Foods To Prevent Throughout Pregnancy

Every pregnant woman will get her yearnings for particular foods throughout the day or night. Before sending her partner or partner out throughout the middle of the day or night to please those yearnings it is necessary to know which foods she need to prevent throughout pregnancy.

Deli Cut Meat – Many individuals love having a fresh made deli sandwich because in some cases deli meats can “satisfy” when you’re yearning meat however deli meat can also end up being polluted with listeria, a germs that can trigger miscarriage. Recent studies have revealed that pregnant women are twenty times most likely to end up being contaminated with listeria than non-pregnant women. If a woman is going to buy deli cut meat throughout her pregnancy she must take that meat home and prepare it, till it’s boiling, before she consumes it.

Specific Kinds Of Fish – Despite the fact that consuming fish can be a healthy party of a non-pregnant woman’s everyday diet she needs to prevent many kinds of fish that are high in mercury throughout her pregnancy. The fish to prevent throughout pregnancy are: shark, swordfish, mackerel and tile fish. Smoked swordfish and raw shellfish ought to also be prevented throughout pregnancy.

Use Good Sense When Preparing Meals

Taking pregnancy prenatal vitamins, one of the best things that a woman can do to ensure the best possible health for herself and her baby throughout pregnancy is making sure that the food she is going to consume has been appropriately prepared and prepared before she sits down to consume. Unwashed veggies are among the most typical reasons for toxoplasmosis and undercooked meat is the most typical reason for listeria.

Prenatal Vitamin – When Should You Start Taking Them?

What Foods Are not Good to Eat While Breastfeed

When should you begin taking a prenatal vitamin? For most women, it needs to be as quickly as they find out they are pregnant. If you know before hand that you are intending on conceiving, you need to begin taking a prenatal vitamin then.

In this day and time, many people do not get all of the nutrition that they require. This is the outcome of processed food, bad diet, tension, and the hurried way of life that all of us live. As an outcome, we must be taking extra vitamin supplements.

A prenatal vitamin is basically a multi vitamin developed specifically for pregnant women. Multivitamins are available in different solutions relying on your needs. There are multivitamins for men, women, elderly people, teenagers and other special needs. And a prenatal vitamin includes the extra nutritional minerals and vitamins that a woman needs to handle the included tensions of pregnancy.

Many women experience an iron shortage even before they conceive. This is particularly true after they conceive, because they are providing blood on their own and their baby. Most prenatal vitamins will include an extra iron supplement to assist avoid the pregnant woman from being anemic.

Because the child is developing in the womb, a woman needs extra calcium in her diet. The developing skeletal system of the baby robs calcium from its mom. Without a calcium supplement, the opportunities increase for a tension fracture. An excellent prenatal vitamin will offer the extra calcium that is needed.

Most prenatal vitamins will also consist of folic acid, which is a vital supplement to take in the first phase of pregnancy. It is throughout this period that the spine and skeleton is being developed. Folic acid will assist avoid back bifida and other abnormality.

You ought to not take a prenatal vitamin and another multivitamin supplement, because you might wind up with a vitamin excess, and this can be hazardous for the mom and the baby. Let your doctor know what vitamins and supplements that you are taking. They can recommend you regarding the appropriate dose that you need for your system.

Simply as it is essential that some vitamins increase throughout pregnancy, some vitamins need to reduce. Vitamin A, D and K levels for a pregnant woman need to be lower than for a woman that is not pregnant.

If you are pregnant, or planning on becoming pregnant, you must take a great prenatal vitamin. You can get them in drug shops or online. Your doctor may recommend a special prenatal vitamin for you if your system needs some special dietary needs.

The Best Breast Feeding Cream to Use Today

Breast feeding can be a pain for some of us. It’s nice spending time with your baby and thinking about the next move for the future. But, you need to beware that the first time the baby breast feeds its awkward. What do I mean by that? The baby lunches at that nipple and bites it for a long time. Biting a little rough and making you feel the slight ouch. Apply best nipple cream for breast feeding to sooth the experience. As baby gets hungrier, your going to need a lot more soothing I might add. To learn more on how nipple cream protects you, read the words down below on the subject.

Use Plant Based Nipple Cream

Best Breast Feeding Cream

Plant based nipple cream is best nipple cream to use. Apply it during the first couple months of breast feeding to make your breast more resistant to cracks and small bite marks. Natural nipple cream also helps the breasts nourish and prevent chapping. The sores you feel from breast feeding will be reduced greatly. More so, use the best nipple cream for breast feeding that your money can buy. You get what you pay for and that really matter when you have to feed a baby month to month. Plant based nipple creams are known by locals for their healing and scar reducing properties. Native Americans, actually introduced this type of cream to us modern folk. If the plant based nipple cream worked in the woods for hundreds of years, I am sure it will work well for you for the next 12 months and so.

Avoid Scented Breast Creams

Scented breast creams are not good for reducing the pain you feel on breasts. They smell good but are not performed well on all types of women. The smell can often irritate your breasts and cause you to go out and buy another one. To be extra safe, use unscented breast nipple creams that contain nothing that can irritate the skin. Specifically designed to focus on performance and give best overall healing qualities. To add, creams that is scented often come from foreign countries that were testing on the women living in their own country. This can cause you breasts to itch and may frustrate you further. All in all, use unscented creams to have no surprises popping up and have the cream to reduce all sores right the first time.

To add more, using scented breast creams is dangerous to your baby. Not all of them are dangerous. But, it is important that you talk to your doctor before using scented breast cream for sore breasts. I know you want to smell good. But, think about the cream that smells good over and over. Double check with your doctor and let him or her be the person you listen to when deciding on breast cream that your baby is going to come in contact with. Remember, your baby is going to need to eat each day. There is no way around.

Remember to Switch to Bottle if Pain Too Much

Despite loving the way you breast feed, you need know when it is time to stop breast feeding. I know you want your baby to get a natural grow development. But, you need to be honest with yourself. Pain is not something you can just push off. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you feel you need a little break. If you feel like you can not go on another day breast feeding, then you need to consider using a bottle with artificial baby milk. It won’t be the authentic milk you have in mind. Won’t give baby all the natural mineral it needs. However, the wounds you get from breast feeding each month can get worse. If you found them getting worst as the time goes by, make the most reasonable choice and switch to baby milk from bottle.

Treat Diaper Rashes in Toddlers With Cream

Diaper rashes are no picnic. You might think they are something you can just brush off to the side. While, the cream can be mild and small enough to ignore half the time. The babies who experience the itchy bump reaction on rump may find themselves more uncomfortable than you think. Those big red or dark areas with multiple bumps are not just normal occurrences for human development. In any situation, go out to the store and look for a treatment product to clean the baby’s rump as soon as possible. Apply the best diaper rash cream for sensitive skin if you think your baby needs it.

What Causes Babies to Have Diaper Rashes

Diaper rashes are caused by many things. Some things you just wouldn’t believe. First, diaper rashes are caused by not changing diapers daily. I am someone who does not do this when I watch my kid sometime. But, do not follow my mistakes. Change the baby’s diaper every day to prevent their sensitive skin from catching the rash. Another, some diapers are made out of material that might not suit your baby. It’s to hard to say which brand because there are so many on the market. Though, make a note to not use any diapers that cause baby’s skin to itch. The last thing that could be causing your baby to have a rash is medications or food you give it. Babies are not like adults. Their digestive system is very sensitive to food. Even, the food that is claimed to be healthy and natural according to experts. Anything that causes baby’s body to go into a rash must go.

What Cream Should You Use for Diaper Rash

When looking for the best diaper rash cream for sensitive skin, make sure the cream has a good overall balance. See if the cream provides skin with good enough moisture to keep water in the skin. Babies have very soft and delicate skin. Meaning, their skin needs cream that keeps the moisture locked in or a rash will occur. In addition, find a cream that has no fragrance. Scientist claim creams with fragrances have less performance on human skin. Babies won’t miss the smell anyway, so do not worry about it. Most rashes, are a result of not having enough water trapped into the skin. The cream you use does not have to be the best. But, the best cream gives the baby added performance and makes their skin hydrate longer. So, if you can afford to spend more money on high quality cream, then do it to make your baby look the best it can look.

Cream you choose to treat baby’s skin depends on the baby’s skin type. Base the skin type on your skin type. Do you know your skin type? If not, ask your local doctor to give the baby a check up. You can also visit the

Environmental Working Group Skin Deep Database to see ingredients that may hurt your baby’s skin. I can tell you to use zinc cream or some other brand but it wouldn’t be the %100 right answer. Go online and try different creams to see what cream works with your baby best.

Alternatives to Using Cream

Alternatives exist for people who do not want to use cream to treat their baby’s rash. For one, breast feeding can be used to give your baby the nutrients it needs to fight off diaper rashers. This is a good alternative to help mothers save money who are comfortable breast feeding their kids to get nicer skin for the next 3 years or so. You can use baby powder to treat diaper rashes. Baby powder has corn starch mixed in that does a good job balancing the skin. Moreover, a mother can apply coconut oil to the baby’s rump. Oil is very slippery and thick. Because of, the chemicals inside the oil can keep baby’s behind hydrated and smooth for a very long time.

AWOL Much?

Oh my goodness. Where has the time gone? Let me fill you in on why MaxxSilly has been AWOL.

#1 – Dental surgery. Yeah, I had 2 teeth pulled about 3 weeks ago. I lived on jello and ice cream for two days and I found out at my follow up appointment that I was quite entertaining while on the “gas”. Good times.

#2 – Cold / Allergies. Dear pollen, no one likes you. You ruin beautiful fall days with your need to cause sneezing and runny noses. It’s just not nice.

#3 – Computer crash. Bye, bye hard drive. Don’t worry I was sick of all of my pictures and music anyway. Go ahead and make them disappear. Oh, and while you are at it take anything I ever saved for my blog.

On a happier front my little man turned one! I can’t believe it.

Maybe he will start sleeping through the night at some point. Yes, my son still wakes up at night for a bottle. Any advice? It’s the same time every night. Oh and I have tried to let him scream it out but this just leads to the entire house waking up as opposed to just me. Sometimes you just have to take one for the team.

Anyway, the teeth have healed, the allergies and under control and the computer is back. Let’s do this!

Thirty-Eight Years

Thirty-Eight Years
Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad. Thirty-eight years.

The world needs to know your secret.*

Thirty-Eight Years

*I’m sure it has lots to do with having two wonderful daughters, two amazing sons-in-law and three adorable grandchildren….right?

The Craziness of Fall


Crazy. September.

Is it just me or do things seem to get extremely busy come September?

I can’t believe how fast our calendar has filled up for the fall. We had our anniversary and my birthday – yeah, I got your card btw, thanks! Then this weekend Lillyana starts swimming and Sunday school. We have plans for almost every weekend. Then come October we have Alex’s first birthday and christening with a lovely visit planned from my family in Florida (yay). Then more busy weekends plus Halloween Then we go full tilt into the holiday season. I already need a nap.

The scary part is that I don’t even have children that are in school yet or playing sports, dance, etc.


I will take time everyday to play hide and seek with my little boy and sing songs and dance with my darling girl. That is what it is really about.


When the Tooth Fairy Stops By…

There was some big stuff happening at our house this week.
Lilly lost her first tooth! We didn’t even know it was loose. I found out when I picked her up from preschool and the next day it fell out while she was there. So exciting. I thought this happened later but apparently, according to Lilly’s dentist, children who teeth early get their adult teeth early as well. Fascinating.
Well, this of course meant a certain someone would be paying us a visit. Oh, we were so excited. Since we were unprepared for this momentous event, Lilly helped me stitch together a little satchel to hold the tooth and put under the pillow. Nothing fancy or perfect but she loved picking out the fabric from my scraps and watching me use the machine to sew away.

When Lilly woke up in the morning the Tooth Fairy had left a personal note with a dollar bill rolled up inside and a gold dollar as well. The note got the best reaction:

tooth fairy
Dear Lilly,
Thanks for the tooth. I’ll be back for more.
Tooth Fairy
The tooth next to the one she just lost is loose as well. Looks like it will be a busy few weeks.
Has the tooth fairy come to your house yet? Do you have a special bag or pillow that your little one uses for their tooth? Do tell. I love hearing everyones different ideas.

Pasta Facial

Pasta Facial
Sometimes mommy is really busy and can’t cook us a fancy dinner like cereal. So, she boils up some water and jarred sauce and makes us pasta. It is so delicious. Oh, and great for the skin.

Winter Love

Winter is finally here in New England. I don’t say it’s official until it’s under 15 degrees – it hit 9 the other day – so we’re good.

I love this Kate Spade winter coat. I think I need to search around for a nice colorful coat. My puffy black jacket keeps me toasty warm, and makes me feel like a rapper circa 1993, but this color is just so happy.
We had a very light dusting of snow last night. Lilly was disappointed there was not more. I’m thinking this weekend we will make some snowflakes for the house. Is it too dorky to make these awesome Star Wars ones?
After that I will cuddle up with some yummy tea made from this v.v. cool robot infuser. Delish.
What are your plans to stay cuddly warm this weekend. Whatever they are – have a great one!

Hello Weekend

Nice to see you again.

We are expecting some summer like weather here in New England this weekend. Of course we are, I packed up all the summer clothes.

I think the family and I are going to head out and do some apple picking. After baking two pies last weekend and making some applesauce Wednesday night, I have the urge to get my apple on. Hmmm, what else to make? Any crazy apple recipes you guys would suggest? Throw them up in the comments.

Have a great weekend everyone!

PS – I realize that this post references apples and I can’t help but think it is coincidental that Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, passed away this week at age 56. I was, and still am, a fan of Jobs. Not just his business sense, but also his creativity and ability to see ten steps ahead of everyone else. It’s hard to compare anyone to Edison or Ford, but Jobs in his brief life, came the closest.  He will be missed.