Winter Love

Winter is finally here in New England. I don’t say it’s official until it’s under 15 degrees – it hit 9 the other day – so we’re good.

I love this Kate Spade winter coat. I think I need to search around for a nice colorful coat. My puffy black jacket keeps me toasty warm, and makes me feel like a rapper circa 1993, but this color is just so happy.
We had a very light dusting of snow last night. Lilly was disappointed there was not more. I’m thinking this weekend we will make some snowflakes for the house. Is it too dorky to make these awesome Star Wars ones?
After that I will cuddle up with some yummy tea made from this v.v. cool robot infuser. Delish.
What are your plans to stay cuddly warm this weekend. Whatever they are – have a great one!

Hello Weekend

Nice to see you again.

We are expecting some summer like weather here in New England this weekend. Of course we are, I packed up all the summer clothes.

I think the family and I are going to head out and do some apple picking. After baking two pies last weekend and making some applesauce Wednesday night, I have the urge to get my apple on. Hmmm, what else to make? Any crazy apple recipes you guys would suggest? Throw them up in the comments.

Have a great weekend everyone!

PS – I realize that this post references apples and I can’t help but think it is coincidental that Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, passed away this week at age 56. I was, and still am, a fan of Jobs. Not just his business sense, but also his creativity and ability to see ten steps ahead of everyone else. It’s hard to compare anyone to Edison or Ford, but Jobs in his brief life, came the closest.  He will be missed.