The Best Breast Feeding Cream to Use Today

Breast feeding can be a pain for some of us. It’s nice spending time with your baby and thinking about the next move for the future. But, you need to beware that the first time the baby breast feeds its awkward. What do I mean by that? The baby lunches at that nipple and bites it for a long time. Biting a little rough and making you feel the slight ouch. Apply best nipple cream for breast feeding to sooth the experience. As baby gets hungrier, your going to need a lot more soothing I might add. To learn more on how nipple cream protects you, read the words down below on the subject.

Use Plant Based Nipple Cream

Best Breast Feeding Cream

Plant based nipple cream is best nipple cream to use. Apply it during the first couple months of breast feeding to make your breast more resistant to cracks and small bite marks. Natural nipple cream also helps the breasts nourish and prevent chapping. The sores you feel from breast feeding will be reduced greatly. More so, use the best nipple cream for breast feeding that your money can buy. You get what you pay for and that really matter when you have to feed a baby month to month. Plant based nipple creams are known by locals for their healing and scar reducing properties. Native Americans, actually introduced this type of cream to us modern folk. If the plant based nipple cream worked in the woods for hundreds of years, I am sure it will work well for you for the next 12 months and so.

Avoid Scented Breast Creams

Scented breast creams are not good for reducing the pain you feel on breasts. They smell good but are not performed well on all types of women. The smell can often irritate your breasts and cause you to go out and buy another one. To be extra safe, use unscented breast nipple creams that contain nothing that can irritate the skin. Specifically designed to focus on performance and give best overall healing qualities. To add, creams that is scented often come from foreign countries that were testing on the women living in their own country. This can cause you breasts to itch and may frustrate you further. All in all, use unscented creams to have no surprises popping up and have the cream to reduce all sores right the first time.

To add more, using scented breast creams is dangerous to your baby. Not all of them are dangerous. But, it is important that you talk to your doctor before using scented breast cream for sore breasts. I know you want to smell good. But, think about the cream that smells good over and over. Double check with your doctor and let him or her be the person you listen to when deciding on breast cream that your baby is going to come in contact with. Remember, your baby is going to need to eat each day. There is no way around.

Remember to Switch to Bottle if Pain Too Much

Despite loving the way you breast feed, you need know when it is time to stop breast feeding. I know you want your baby to get a natural grow development. But, you need to be honest with yourself. Pain is not something you can just push off. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you feel you need a little break. If you feel like you can not go on another day breast feeding, then you need to consider using a bottle with artificial baby milk. It won’t be the authentic milk you have in mind. Won’t give baby all the natural mineral it needs. However, the wounds you get from breast feeding each month can get worse. If you found them getting worst as the time goes by, make the most reasonable choice and switch to baby milk from bottle.