Ways to Help Babies Gain Weight Fast

The first few months after birth is a “peak” period for the baby to develop in weight. However, not all babies gain weight very quickly, even though many have only gained very little weight. What happened and are there any effective ways to help babies gain weight?

The rate of infant weight gain depends on many factors because each baby will have a different growth rate. In the first week after birth, your baby may lose physiological weight and lose about 5-10% of the original weight, but by the second week, the baby will gain weight again and break the impressive weight.

Usually in the first 3 months of life, the baby increases from 1 to 1.2 kg/month, from the 3rd month to the 6th-month increases about 600g. Later, the baby’s weight will increase more slowly with only increasing from 300-400g per month.

Signs that babies don’t gain weight or gain weight slowly after the first 6 months is normal for most babies, so don’t worry. There are many ways to help babies gain weight both easy and effective that any mother can apply.

How to help babies gain weight fast, every month

Here are some effective ways to help babies gain weight:

Sleeping time of a newborn

Babies from birth will sleep continuously about 16-18 hours a day, they only wake up when eating, and when using the toilet. The reason, the development of babies in the first months is very fast is also due to sleep, or in other words, baby grow up to sleep.

Many mothers have a common belief that babies who sleep less during the day will help babies sleep well and sleep at night. This is not true Mom! Because when lacking sleep, insufficient sleep will make babies uncomfortable, fussy, especially affecting the development of babies.

By the time your baby’s sleep time is reduced, you still need to make sure your baby gets enough sleep and is on time. Especially in the evening, do not let baby stay up too late because sleeping late will prevent the pituitary gland from releasing growth hormone, causing the baby to grow slowly and gain weight more slowly.

Breastfeeding properly

The only source of food for infants is breast milk or formula so mothers need to feed their babies regularly during the day. Each breastfeeding interval is about 2-3 hours apart, even at night, the mother should wake her up to breastfeed.

For those who are breastfeeding, they need to know how to breastfeed properly so they can receive the full range of nutrients. The flow of breast milk is not the same, the first milk has a lot of water to help the baby is thirsty, the last milk has more fat. If your baby wants to gain weight, he/she must breastfeed on both the first and last milk so the mother should try to maintain the suckling time.

At the same time, suck out one breast and then move to the other breast, to avoid having a little change in breast-feeding.

Give baby the right way

  • Sweet potatoes contain sugar and beta carotene to help baby digest easily, replenish energy for the body.
  • Cereals used as a snack or porridge flour are rich in vitamin E, fat, protein.
  • Potatoes are a source of carbohydrates, energy helps baby gain weight fast.

When you are stronger, you should add fresh food sources such as meat, fish, eggs, vegetables … to your baby’s daily diet.

Encourage your baby to be active

Mom does not worry when the baby loves to crawl, crawl, or shake everything in his hand. Being more active will help your baby feel hungry faster and help the digestive system work effectively. You can exercise with your baby every day to meet the goal of “beautiful mother, I’m fine”.

Massage for babies

In addition to helping babies relax, go to sleep, infant massage is also encouraged by researchers because it promotes a more efficient digestive system. Once your baby has no digestive problems, he’ll gain weight soon!

The reason babies slow weight gain

In addition to the usual ways to help baby gain weight, mothers should be alert to some medical conditions that make them slow to gain weight. Once you have identified the causes of slow weight gain, you will know how to help babies gain weight fast.

For example, if your baby’s health is not good enough, suffering from certain medical conditions that affect development, they should be examined and treated. And when the baby’s condition has stabilized with the care of her mother, she will catch up with the growth momentum quickly.

Premature babies gain weight slowly

In the case of premature babies, born premature or full-term but underweight (less than 2.5kg) will gain weight much slower than other normal babies. At the same time, these babies are inherently weak and prone to disease, so weight gain will be a little difficult.

Newborns with birth defects

Cleft palate, cleft palate is a huge obstacle for the baby during breastfeeding, especially breast milk. So baby will not get enough nutrients to ensure development. In this case, you can use some types of bottles designed specifically for baby with these defects.

The ability of baby to absorb nutrition

If a baby is unable to absorb nutrition from breast milk or formula milk, from weaning food every day, then the possibility of the baby gaining weight slowly is evident. Infants in the first month of low weight gain is also a noticeable sign.

Babies with digestive disorders

Infants often experience several diseases related to digestive problems such as diarrhea, gastroesophageal reflux, milk intolerance, especially celiac disease. An autoimmune disease of the digestive tract when hypersensitive or gluten-free, a protein found in cereals, wheat, and oats. When babies suffer from this disease, the baby will be underdeveloped, slow, or not gain weight, long lead to rickets growth retardation.

Babies are less breastfed or are lazy to drink bottles

A major challenge when breastfeeding is how to identify the amount of milk for infants. This may be because the infant is lazy to suckle, suckle little or the mother’s body has some problems so it doesn’t produce enough milk for the baby.

If this condition lasts, the baby’s weight will “stand” in place, then gradually decrease, and eventually, he will be malnourished. This will directly affect the health and development of the baby.

Low weight due to common diseases in baby

Delay in weight gain in newborns is also caused by health reasons such as heart disease, anemia, metabolic disorders, growth hormone deficiency …

What do mothers eat to breastfeed quickly gain weight?

Nutrition during breastfeeding is very important. Whatever you eat, I’ll absorb it. Here are 10 foods moms should eat:

  • Milk
  • Ripe bananas
  • Kinds of bean
  • Ginger (used in cooking or hot tea)
  • Chicken
  • Nuts and dried fruits
  • Avocado
  • Boiled eggs
  • Fresh peaches

When should nutritional check for baby?

To assess rickets, malnutrition is usually based on the height and weight of the baby. If your baby’s weight is stagnant within a few months and she suspects that her baby is malnourished, she should also take her to a nutrition check for peace of mind and the best care for her baby.

The first months of life are the time to help your baby break out about weight and height fastest. Knowing how to help babies gain weight effectively makes your journey to mother happy and full of joy.

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